How To Choose A Wedding Photographer And Videographer

When start planning your wedding, whether you are having a small intimate wedding or a black tie bash, will realise that there will be a few things that will require some extra attention before you make a decision, in order to avoid disappointment. When it comes to wedding photography and videography you will find so many different styles in the market: documentary, traditional, vintage, fine art, dark and moody… the list goes on! It’s easy to get lost and it may seem hard to decide. You may have no idea on how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer to capture the memories of your wedding day but don’t worry: This post is meant to help!

What are your memories worth?

 We know we offer wedding photography and videography and we might seem biased, but let us just remind you: we were a bride and groom and had to go through the same twice – we got married in Dublin and in Brazil – Hello, organising a wedding from overseas!

We believe your wedding photographs and films are two are the most important investments you can make for your day. It goes beyond today, beyond your wedding day and it just gains value as the years pass. Remember: you will have these photographs and films forever. Your photos will be hung at the walls of your home and will stand the test of time. Every time you feel nostalgic you will go back to them to relieve your day.

Fine Art Wedding Photographers in Ireland

1. Save wedding photographs and films that catch your attention

First things first: If you don’t really know anything about on how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer, start from the basics. Maybe you don’t really know what style of photographs and films you want, so get inspired! 

Pinterest and Instagram are your best friends as you can start pinning and saving wedding photos and films you like. Start by saving everything that catches your attention. Photos of couples, photos with family members and friends, anything that stands out and resonates with you. Once you have done that, it’s time to have second look to try and find out what you saved and pinned have in common: are the wedding photographs light and airy? Are they dark and moody? Fun? Emotional? Do they look more posed or more natural? Anything you can think of here can narrow down your choices, so that you choose the best wedding photographer and videographer for you.

Ireland Wedding Photographer and Videographer Team

What’s important to you both?

When it comes to your wedding, what’s important to you? For me and Richie for example, it was important that we would spend quality time with our friends and family. Although we wanted to have great wedding portraits, we did not want to be posing for photos for ages either. So an experienced photographer that would cover the day in a more natural way but would still get some amazing couples photos were exactly what we needed. So think of what’s important to you as a couple: How do you want to spend the day? Would you like more natural-looking photographs or something more posed?  Do you want something completely creative and out of the box or something more classic? Would you like a light and airy edit? Or something more punchy and with more contrast? 

Do your homework and research

This can take quite a while as you need to check websites, galleries and wedding packages of the photographer and videographers you like… but this is something you and your partner need to be on the same page. Remember these are photos and videos for the two of you and your families, they are an important heirloom. Be sure you both agree on that. 

Include time in your planning calendar and try to research your options together – or at least, make sure you both agree on the person or people chosen.

Check websites, social media and testimonials

Make sure you see a range of work of the wedding photographers and wedding videographers you have in mind. Check slideshows, albums, full galleries, weddings in all types of weather if possible – very important here in Ireland! 

Follow up with these things: experience, how long are they in business, visual consistency, awards received for photographs and films,  magazines and wedding blog features, as well as what previous clients have to say about their experiences.

 Experience in wedding photography is a must! Or maybe you wouldn’t mind someone ‘trying to learn’ what to do on your wedding day… Hey, it’s up to you. They are your wedding photos and films.

Communicate with your prospects and find out exactly what they offer

Tell your prospects what you are looking for in your wedding photography and videography and what is important to you as a couple. You and your wedding photographer and videographer should be on the same page.

Find out everything about the packages they offer, prices and what’s delivered to you. Some, like me and Richie, like to include an online slideshow – we think it makes it so much easier to share your wedding photos with friends and family! We also deliver our work in private galleries and personalised memory boxes.

We also truly believe every wedding we photograph is a story yet to unfold, so an album voucher is included in our packages. Wedding albums are your heirloom and should be easily accessible at any time – easy to share and easy to show to your family and friends! 

Check the information given and make sure you are clear on what you will receive.

You get what you pay for

When you research you will find out professionals offer different packages and charge differently. You will find wedding photography and wedding videography packages from €500 to €5000 or above. You might pay for photos and films separately and deal with two different companies or you might want to keep the visuals of your wedding day with one company that offers both – like us! After talking to your prospects you now have an idea of the kind of budget you would be looking into investing for your wedding photos and wedding films. 

Our understanding is that you will get what you pay for and experience is something extremely important. On your wedding day, things will happen so fast and your photographer and videographer need to know what to do and be prepared for when things do not happen as planned. Their experience might also help the day flow naturally and make everything easier for you.

Don’t forget: These are the photos and films that you will have for the rest of your life. 

The Shelbourne Hotel Wedding

Set up a video call or meeting

Another very important tip on how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer is: you should get along and feel comfortable with the professional you choose – they will be with you most of the day. It’s really important that your personalities ‘mesh’ and that you feel comfortable with the professional you choose. 

A wedding day is such a special day and you should be able to enjoy it from start to finish. Liking your photographer’s personality will make the process of having your photos taken so much easier & enjoyable! Having a friendly, easy-going person around you on your wedding day definitely helps to keep the mood nice and light! 

Lots of the couples who book us say that having us to photograph and film their wedding was like having a friend by their side. We have also received many compliments from wedding guests too!

Ask about shot lists

If you are into checklists like us, talk to your wedding photographer and videographer prospects about the list of shots they usually take on the day. Can you send a list of details or people you would love to have photographed if that’s not included on their list? While some photographers and videographers love to work with their couples and get lists of things and people that are important (like us!), others may prefer to be in charge of things and not to work from a shot list.

Formal family photos and large groups’ photos

We love to photograph and film your wedding day as it happens but we also know how important some photos are. Family and group photos are, in our opinion, some of the most important of the day. 

Find out how your wedding photographer usually deals with large groups. From our experience photographing weddings over the years, we have learnt if people are not well organised, couples will lose precious time. Time that could be spent enjoying their wedding reception.

We love to be prepared and we always ask for a list of family members and the different combinations of photos our couples would like. 

Extra tip: If that photo of you and your godmother is the one that is really important to you, add it to the list and make sure to tell your photographer. You know what people say: Better to be safe than sorry!

Wedding photography and wedding videography packages​

Ok, you liked your prospective wedding photographer and wedding videographers and you think they will be a good fit for your wedding day. Now you want to move forward. It’s time to choose the right wedding photography and wedding videography package for you. Let’s go:

The Coverage

Although every professional offers different packages, most of the wedding photography and videography packages here in Ireland start as a half-day coverage: from a couple of hours before the ceremony – covering the getting ready – until the couple sits for dinner. Or it can be a full day coverage that goes until the first few dances. And some go the extra mile and have a photographer and videographer for their multi-day celebration so nothing is missed. So, what’s important to you? 

Our most popular package is the full day coverage, where we capture the feel of your wedding day from start to finish and that extra special night time photo and footage before we leave.

Packages offered and what's included

For your wedding photography, you should receive the high-resolution images, professionally edited and with no watermarks.

All the packages we offer include a slideshow & private gallery so that our couples can easily share their photos with friends and family. It’s so much easier to share the photos with your loved ones this way!

For your wedding videography, that can vary according to the style of film you would like. Some videographers offer one long video with everything that happened on the day, in a documentary way that is very lightly edited. 

Others offer a short trailer and wedding film with the best moments, edited with a blend of cinematic and documentary style – that’s us! The films we offer are the perfect fusion of both worlds and our clients absolutely love their final product.

The Shelbourne Hotel Wedding

How many wedding photographers or wedding videographers should you hire?

We get asked this question a lot! Well, it all depends.

While we are used to photographing and filming weddings without the extra help, there are so many pros about having a second photographer or videographer on your day. 

If you and your partner are getting ready at separate houses or hotels, for example, it is worth it to have a second professional covering the day. That way your partner and family will have amazing memories of the wedding morning too. 

It’s also very nice to see a different angle of many of the moments throughout the day. 

The second professional can also stay and document the reception while you two go away for your couples photos – that way you will be able to see what your guests were up to while you were enjoying some quiet time!

Sign the contract and get a copy of it

Last tip on how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer and this one is beyond important: Sign a contract and get a copy of it! It secures the service and coverage that will be provided, details and timeline for any deliverables goods. It also should say what will happen in case of cancellation or the unusual case of your wedding photographer and videographer can not be present on the day, for example. 

Make sure you check all the details before signing anything.

If you like our style and want to know more about our packages please get in touch. We would love to know more about you and all you're dreaming up for your wedding day!

Quick tips on how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer:

1. Save wedding photographs and films that catch your attention

2. Think of what is important to you regarding your day

3. Research and find the wedding photographers and videographers you like the most

4. Check their websites, galleries, social media and testimonials

5. Get in touch with your prospective professionals and find out about their packages and pricing

6. Remember: you get what you pay for

7. Set up a meeting or video call to get to know the person or team.

8. Ask about shot lists and approach

9. Find out about the formal family and group photographs

10. Check about the wedding photography and videography coverage

11. Check about the packages and what will be delivered

12. Decide if you need a second photographer or videographer

13. Make sure to sign and get a copy of the contract!

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