Groom Style Inspiration

What should the groom wear? Are you looking for groom style inspiration to help you choose the attire for your wedding? Choosing the right tuxedo or suit will depend on a few factors. Here are a few things you can consider before deciding and some photos of our real grooms on their wedding days for inspiration. Check it out:

1. How formal is the wedding?

Before renting or purchasing your groom attire the first thing you need to decide on is the dress code of the wedding. What are you and your partner planning for your day? A formal, semi-formal or a more casual wedding?


If you are planning a very formal wedding, traditionally you can choose from a morning suit, tuxedo or white tie and tails. These options work really well if you are planning something more opulent and luxurious for your wedding day. Colours are black and white for a classic look.

Also on the list of formal wear we have the classic black tie or the modern creative black-tie. While the classic black tie is fairly strict, with a tuxedo shirt and black suit, the creative black tie allows you to add more of your personality to your outfit. You can choose from different textures, colours, patterns and accessories to add some fun.

Semi-Formal or Casual

semi-formal wedding calls for a more relaxed look than a formal wedding and gives you the possibility of being more comfortable. For semi-formal weddings think of cocktail attire, meaning suit and tie.

For a casual wedding think shorter hemlines, bold prints or separates like a suit jacket or blazer with trousers or chinos. You can also go for a shirt without a tie with a matching suit.

blue suit, black bow tie and kilt for groom style inspiration
morning coat for formal wedding and groom style inspiration
blue suit and white tie for groom style inspiration

2. Think Of Season And Location:

Next on the list is the season and location where the wedding will take place. Consider what the conditions may be, especially if you are travelling abroad. Dress for the weather and choose the fabric accordingly. You don’t want to be melting in a winter wool suit in a hot climate.

black suit for groom style inspiration
beach wedding with white shirt for groom style inspiration

3. Add Colour:

 If you are going for creative black-tie, a less formal or a casual wedding, keep in mind your colour palette, so that it all looks cohesive. Because couples tend to create an aesthetic for their wedding, consider the colours chosen for the decor, flowers and bridesmaids dresses, for example. It doesn’t mean everything needs to match but colour coordination is key.

4. Use Accessories To See Your Groom Style Inspiration Come To Life:

Once you have decided on what you are going to wear, you can then start adding a few elements like coloured ties or bow ties, suspenders, pocket squares, cufflinks and socks, to add a touch of your personality! Have fun with it!

coluored suits for groom style inspiration
coloured scarf and blue suit for groom style inspiration
funny cufflinks for groom style inspiration
blue bow tie and blue suit for groom style inspiration
star wars socks for groom style inspiration
patterned scarf and brown suit for groom style inspiration
coloured and patterned suit for groom style inspiration

If you still need more tips and inspiration just click here and here and enjoy!

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