How To Plan The Perfect Proposal

You’ve found the one you want to spend your life with, chosen a ring and now the time has come to pop the question. We know, planning to get down on one knee and ask your loved one to marry you is not an easy task. You want it all to be perfect, to make this moment truly unforgettable. As a Dublin wedding photographer and videographer team, we have listened to hundreds of love stories while meeting our couples and photographed proposals too! A lot of the magic comes from the planning and the ideas behind it and the secret to the perfect proposal lies in preparation. When you are well prepared everything should go smoothly and just as you want it! The perfect proposal should be personal and reflect the unique bond you share. Here are some ideas to help on how to plan the perfect proposal:

1. Be inspired by your partner

Our first advice to plan the perfect proposal is to be inspired by your partner and think about all things that make your person unique. Think of everything your partner likes doing, his or her personality, likes and dislikes. If for example, your other half is not a fan of public displays of affection then proposing in a more private setting, with just the two of you, is the best plan.

2. Choose a meaningful location as the perfect backdrop for your proposal

Start setting the mood by choosing a location that means something to you both. Think of how you two like to spend time together, places you love to go. It can be the place where you first met, somewhere you always talked about visiting or even your own home.

If you love hiking or going for walks, why not propose during one surrounded by beautiful scenery?

How about your favourite restaurant? You can organise everything to happen there.  

If you love staying in, you can propose while watching a romantic movie. 

You could prepare a romantic dinner for two and surprise your partner with flowers and candles – a classic!

3. Get family and friends on board with the plan

If your plan involves the help of family and friends, get everyone on board! After you come up with the plan, make the people aware of what is happening and when. Maybe your partner’s best friend can help to keep him or her out of the house so that you can get everything ready? If it is important to your partner that his or her parents know and give their blessing before it happens make sure to talk to them beforehand.

4. Set the scene and the soundtrack

Start setting the mood for popping the question. If you are planning to pop the question at home: light some candles and create a playlist for the special moment.

If you are planning on asking the question out on a walk, for example, choose a beautiful location to make the big move. Bring a bottle of bubbly to toast and a speaker to provide the soundtrack.

5. Have the speech ready before you propose

There is nothing more emotional than to surprise your loved one with words that come from the heart! Prepare something to say to your other half mentioning how special your partner is and how happy and excited you are to spend the rest of your lives together!

6. Be romantic and keep it simple

We know it’s not easy to make a speech, so if you think you will get nervous, practice a few times beforehand. Be romantic and keep it simple – this way you can’t get it wrong!

7. Document the moment

It goes too fast! Set up a camera or hire a professional wedding photographer to document it all. That way you can relive it all again and show your family and friends! Just like this gorgeous couple you see in these photos did, by hiring us to photograph their special surprise proposal! 

These are important memories worth keeping! 

REMEMBER: the perfect proposal is the one that's deeply personal and meaningful to you and your partner.

We have captured beautiful proposals before so if you would like to have this moment captured forever get in touch.

Quick tips on how to plan the perfect proposal:

1.  Be inspired by your partner

2. Choose a meaningful location: at home,  your favourite restaurant or a special place you often go together.

3. Get friends and family on board if needed: Come up with a plan and make the people involved aware of what’s happening and when.

4. Set the scene and the soundtrack.

5. Have the speech ready

6. Be romantic and keep it simple!

7. Document the moment because it goes so fast: set up a camera or hire a photographer so that you can relive it all again!

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