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- The Best of 2020 -

2020 was definitely not the year anyone had expected. Lockdowns, restrictions, apprehension, plans put on hold, weddings postponed. Planning a wedding can be quite stressful as it is. Imagine planning Covid weddings in Ireland or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

We got to photograph three weddings before the first lockdown happened. Two were featured on One Fab day and you can see them here and here. This last one happened only a couple of days before the whole country closed and life as we knew it changed.

Yes, some of our weddings were postponed and others cancelled

 But some brave couples decided that not even a pandemic was going to stop them from marrying the love of their lives. They had to reduce the number of guests, they couldn’t have some of the friends and family who were supposed to be coming from abroad to be a part of it. They adapted. But above all, they hoped! And we adapted and hoped with them.

Having Covid weddings is far from ideal. But all the couples we know made the best of a very bad situation and made sure to enjoy each and every moment of their day. The opportunity to be with their family and friends was even more appreciated.

From Dublin to Adare, to Waterford – we travelled with a smile on our faces to photograph lots of amazing emotional moments. We have witnessed so much love this year! Yes, we haven’t seen as many hugs or kisses as in previous years. We have lost count of how many times we greeted people with our elbows! Smiles were, most of the time, hidden behind masks. But love and happiness was very much present and still shone through. Maybe even more than before, we dare say.

We are so grateful for each and every one of our 2020 couples

Each wedding gave us something to look forward to, a much needed boost for us and our business during this strange year we all lived through. So thank you! Thank you for going ahead with your plans and having us involved.

Here’s to hopes for a better 2021 for all of us. Full of amazing moments to be shared with our loved ones, hugs to be given, smiles to be seen and special moments to be captured by us and our cameras! Here is a small slideshow we put together with the favourite moments we photographed in 2020. Press play and enjoy: 

ireland wedding photographer and videographer team wonder and magic monogram

In order to provide the attention our couples deserve, we deliberately limit the number of weddings we accept each year. If you like our style and approach please get in touch to receive more information about our pricing and availability.

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